RetroPGF Round 3

The Optimism Collective’s third round of Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RetroPGF) will take place in fall of 2023. RetroPGF 3 will allocate 30m OP tokens to reward contributions that have supported the development and adoption of Optimism.

# Process Overview

  1. Project Applications: Sept 19th - Oct 23rd
  2. Voting: November 6th - December 7th
  3. Results & Token Disbursement: Starting early January

# Project Applications

👉 Applications for RetroPGF Round 3 are open! You can apply here (opens new window) until October 23rd.

Every type of contributor to the Optimism ecosystem is eligible for RetroPGF. Whether you’re a developer working on an Ethereum execution client or an educator creating Optimism-inspired video content, if you’re providing impact, you’re eligible! RetroPGF is open to all Optimism artists, creators, writers, builders, and evangelists.

If your work has made an impact in any of the four categories below, you should submit an application for RetroPGF.

  • OP Stack: Work that enhanced the efficiency, security, resilience, and awareness of the OP Stack
  • Collective Governance: Work that provided impact to governance participants of the Optimism Collective, or helped bring new governance participants into the Collective
  • Developer Ecosystem: Work that provided impact to application developers in the Optimism Collective, or helped bring new developers into the Collective.
  • End User Experience & Adoption: Work that provided impact to end users in the Optimism Collective, or helped bring new end users into the Collective
Optimism Identity

# Badgeholders & Voting


Q: Does my contribution need to have taken place between the end of round 2 and beginning of round 3? A: No, all contributions that have supported the development and adoption of Optimism are considered, no matter when they took place
Q: Where can I nominate Projects? A: There will be no nominations process, projects will directly apply for RetroPGF 3. So let your favorite project know they should sign up!
Q: Are VC funded teams or teams that received a grant from the Optimism Token House eligible for RetroPGF? Yes, both VC funded teams as well as teams that receive a grant from the Token House are eligble. Badgeholders uphold the principle of "impact = profit", where individuals should receive profit equal to the impact they provided to the Optimism Collective.
Q: If I received rewards in RetroPGF 2, can I sign up for Round 3 with the same contribution? Yes, you can apply again with the same contribution. Be sure to include the rewards you received in Round 2 in your "Grants and Funding" section of your application.
Q: Are RetroPGF rewards subject to a 1 year lock-up? No, RetroPGF rewards are not subject to a 1 year lock-up. After the round concludes, projects will need to complete a KYC process with the Optimism Foundation and will then gradually receive their RetroPGF rewards over a 90 day period.
Q: Are RetroPGF 3 rewards sourced from sequencer revenue or RetroPGF token allocation? Round 3 rewards are sourced from the [RetroPGF token allocation]( Future rounds of RetroPGF may allocate surplus protocol revenue.
Q: Does my Project need to be on OP mainnet to be eligible? No, your project does not need to be on OP mainnet. As long as you’re providing impact to the Optimism Collective, you are eligible for RetroPGF!