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# Collective Grants

Collective Grants support specific projects to be completed in the future. All Collective Grants are made in OP and are locked for one year, except growth experiments grants which may pass OP directly through to the end-users. Collective Grants may be distributed upon completing the milestones specific to your grant application.

There are four different types of Collective Grants.

# 1. Grants Council

The Grants Council (opens new window) is a group of community members elected by the Token House. The council makes small to medium-sized grants supporting Intent #2 (opens new window) based in two categories:

  • Builders Grants: To support builders innovating on novel applications and infrastructure
  • Growth Experiments Grants: To support projects with strategies to drive more users on Optimism via novel incentive programs

Here are some examples of projects that received grants from the Grants Council in Cycle 10 (opens new window) and Cycle 11 (opens new window).

How to apply:

# 2. Token House Missions

Missions are specific pieces of work proposed by contributors. The Token House votes on approving Missions once per Season (roughly once every four-six months).

Missions (opens new window) support a broader range of grants than the Grants Council. Any initiative that aligns with one of the Collective Intents (opens new window) can receive a grant! Missions should be specific initiatives that can be completed start-to-finish (marked done by the end of the Season). You can propose a Mission under Intent #1, Intent #3, or Intent #4. All proposals under Intent #2 should be grant applications that will be processed by the Grants Council as outlined above in 1.

Here is a good example (opens new window).

How to apply:

# 3. Foundation Missions (RFPs)

Foundation Missions are requests for contributors to build specific projects specified by the Optimism Foundation. Each Mission has a bounty of OP attached.

You can view the full list of Foundation Missions (RFPs) here (opens new window).

How to apply:

# 4. The Partner Fund

The Partner Fund (opens new window) is a grants program run by the Optimism Foundation. It’s focused on strategic or larger scale grants to partners that have already achieved product market fit.

How to apply:

# Retroactive Grants (RetroPGF)

RetroPGF stands for Retroactive Public Goods Funding. RetroPGF rewards are allocated by the Citizens’ House to reward work that has already been completed for its impact.

If you’re working on something you believe is aligned with the Collective and you don’t need as much upfront certainty around scope of work, reward amount, or timing of rewards, you could be a good candidate for RetroPGF rewards.

  • Decisions on which projects receive rewards are made by the Citizens’ House based on their assessment of each projects’ positive impact to the Collective.
  • The last round of RetroPGF rewarded developer tooling, community programs, solo builders, educational work, client teams, and much more. For more detail on past recipients, see this post (opens new window). The next Round will be announced shortly.

How to apply:

  • Build something that provides positive impact to the Collective! It’s that simple.
  • In advance of Round 3, Optimism will circulate a Project Signup for candidates to describe their work.
  • Our Ideas List (opens new window) details many contributions that we believe would be strong candidates for RetroPGF rewards. Please indicate your interest by commenting on the relevant GitHub issue. There are no deadlines.

Still not sure how the Collective can support work? Leave your questions here (opens new window)