Get a Grant

There are several ways the Optimism Collective supports builders with grants. There are two main types of grants: Collective grants, which are upfront grants for projects to be completed in the future, and Retro Funding, which are grants for projects that have already been completed based on their impact.

# Collective Grants

Collective Grants are made in OP and support specific projects to be completed in the future. All Mission Grants are locked for one year, except growth experiments Grants which must pass OP directly through to the end-users.

Grants will only be distributed upon completion of specified milestones. All Collective Grants are subject to the Collective Grant Policies (opens new window).

There are two main sources of Collective Grants.

# 1. Mission Grants

Missions (opens new window) are grants aligned with one of the Collective Intents (opens new window). Mission Requests are specified initiatives that can be completed start-to-finish (marked done within 12 months). Each Mission Request has a bounty of OP attached. The Foundation and the Top 100 Token House Delegates can issue Mission Requests. Any team can submit a Mission Application to fulfill a Request.

  • You can view the full list of Mission Requests here (opens new window)

  • Find an open Mission Request on the list that you’d like to work on.

  • Submit your application via the application link or directly as a comment, as specified, on the Github Issue (opens new window). Each Mission Request will specify a submission and selection deadline.

  • Delegate Mission Applications will be evaluated and selected by the Grants Council, with the help of the Developer Advisory Board. Foundation Mission Requests will be evaluated and selected by the Optimism Foundation.

How to apply:

# 2. Foundation Funds

The Foundation may also make grants from the Partner or Seed Fund, on a case-by-case basis.

The Seed Fund may be used to bring projects/teams from 0 → 1, particularly for projects that are entirely focused on building Optimism.

The Partner Fund may make grants used to provide tooling to the Optimism community, bring applications to OP Mainnet, promote education, experiment with liquidity mining programs, drive consumer usage, and/or support Optimism’s governance system.

# Retroactive Grants (Retro Funding)

Retro Funding stands for Retroactive Public Goods Funding. Retro Funding rewards are allocated by the Citizens’ House to reward work that has already been completed for its impact.

If you’re working on something you believe is aligned with the Collective and you don’t need as much upfront certainty around scope of work, reward amount, or timing of rewards, you could be a good candidate for Retro Funding rewards.

  • Decisions on which projects receive rewards are made by the Citizens’ House based on their assessment of each projects’ positive impact to the Collective.
  • The last round of Retro Funding (RetroPGF Round 3) rewarded developer tooling, community programs, builders, educational work, client teams, and much more. For more detail on past recipients, see this post (opens new window).

How to apply:

  • Build something that provides positive impact to the Collective and stay tuned for more information about the next round of Retro Funding! It’s that simple.
  • Visit (opens new window) to apply!