Governance Videos

These are governance videos. See here for developer videos.

# ETHDenver 2023

February 24th to Mar 5th, 2023

# The Iterative Nature of Optimism Governance - Justine

In this video Justine from the Optimism Foundation talks to delegates involved with Optimism governance about their experience thus far. The talk touches on a few different Optimism governance initiatives including the Grants Council and Protocol Delegate Program, with the overall theme being the iterative nature of Optimism governance.

# The Collective DAO Archive - Justine

At both ETHDenver, and Schelling Point, Justine shared findings from her months long research into DAO governance and policy. Not only did she organize her research results into 10 categories and bless us with actionable takeaways for each, she also open sourced her work! Check out her presentation and dive into The Collective DAO Archives (opens new window), a searchable library of DAO policies, programs, and processes.

# Playing the Cooperative Game Retroactively - Ben Jones

The OP Stack, the codebase that powers Optimism, is the most overpowered public good in the game. But don’t take our word for it; you can take Ben Jones’ - aka Weird ETH Yankovic - who covered all things RetroPGF and how the OP Stack fits into the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

# Kelvin Interviews ETHDenver