How do I get project support (marketing / integrations / etc.)?

Welcome! If you have not filled out the connect with Optimism form (opens new window) please do so prior to reading this.

We are excited for your deployment onto OP Mainnet! You will be welcomed by the following metrics (opens new window) 📈📈 (up and to the right!), a budding community (opens new window) 🫂🫂, and some great exclusive Telegram Channels (opens new window) ⚙️⚙️ for builders.

# Developer Support 🙋💻

Steps to take if you would like developer support immediately, ranked in order of response times.

  1. See our Developer Documentation, Tutorials (opens new window), and Help Center (opens new window)
  2. Head over to #dev-support (opens new window) on discord

# Marketing Requests 🦸🦸

When your project is deployed on the Superchain, you can be added to our Superchain apps page (opens new window). Simply fill out this form (opens new window) to be included. Inclusion is at our discretion. To amplify your app launch through Superchain marketing channels fill out this form (opens new window)

# Promoting Values before anything else

We love to promote values-aligned projects as part of our broader content program.

# Tweeting

We do the occasional retweet but the bar for these is kept quite high in order to keep our Twitter feed as valuable/high signal as possible. Other than RT's, we may like or reply to a tweet or include it in our weekly wrap up thread. You're welcome to submit your tweet for amplification but please keep in mind if and how we interact with it is at our sole discretion.

# OPRadio

We also host a weekly Twitter Space in an interview/podcast format called OP Radio. You're welcome to express interest in being featured on OP Radio, but keep in mind that we maintain the final say on whether it makes sense or not.

# Governance Grants

Grants are mainly handled by The Optimism Collective (opens new window), our open governance system/digital society. If you are interested in applying, we first recommend the following:

Curious about our Optimistic Origins? Listen to this OPRadio Episode (opens new window) with one of our founders, @JingleJam (opens new window).

What do the next 100 years have in store for crypto? @Karl_dot_tech (opens new window) shares his vision in this chat with Bankless (opens new window).

Want to see what we are doing with Retroactive Public Goods? See here

Changes to the protocol coming in the near term include multi-client architecture, and the world’s next generation fault proof. Check out Bedrock (opens new window) and Cannon (opens new window).

Want to see the first ever step forward into a modular rollup architecture? We are making it easy for anyone to deploy their own app-specific rollup via the OP Stack (opens new window). Fun fact: A team has already launched a Voxel Game on the OP Stack (opens new window)!

Last note: We’re hiring (opens new window)! Join our community! Have fun! Enjoy life! Don’t worry so much! Brush your teeth! Eat apples! Research the origins of public relations! Give back to your community! Tweet things you don’t actually believe! Download free music using your library card! Don’t download a car! Don’t listen to anyone except for your parents, and even then, with a grain of salt!