Contribute to Optimism


So you want to get involved in the Optimism Collective?? We are so happy to have you! Let’s make sure we are on the same page about what The Collective is all about.

The Optimism Collective believes that building public goods should be rewarded.

This key ingredient to the Optimistic vision (opens new window) is more than just altruism – it’s core to our success. Optimism’s codebase itself is an open-source project, and builds on the shoulders of countless OSS giants which came before it.

This means public goods funding is a critical growth strategy. For Optimism, well-funded public goods means better developer tooling, widespread user education, safer infrastructure, and industry-leading research. It means Optimism can last and thrive.

Once we show that this model can drive a successful economy for the Optimism Collective, we can scale the principle of impact = profit to the world!

RetroPGF is a core part of Optimism’s vision. If done right, it will form the backbone for a new type of economy. As with any complex system, though, this new process can’t be centrally planned or designed all at once. The only way to build it well is to build it together. This journey will require care, open-mindedness, patience, and, of course, optimism!

So, how can you have meaningful impact in The Collective? We recommend following these 3 very easy principles:

  1. Do what you love. β†’ Real impact stems from passion, a love for what you do.
  2. Fix the problem in front of you, together. β†’ Chances are if you have a problem, someone else has that problem as well. Let’s fix it together! What caused the problem? How do you fix it, and can we work together to fix it for everyone else?
  3. Do it with optimism. β†’ Be kind, patient and optimistic in everything you do.

Most importantly, make sure that your contributions align with the Collective Intents (opens new window). This will help ensure that your contribution is working towards a larger goal of the Collective.

# Getting Started

You can contribute towards the collective in a million different ways, and there is no way we could make processes for all of these contributions. Nor would we want to! However, getting from 0 to 1 is the hardest step. So we have made a few ways to get you up to speed and contributing in no time!

If you are looking for what is happening right now, add the Optimism Public calender (opens new window) to see upcoming events! We also have a β€œGet a Grant” page if you already have an idea on how you want to contribute.

# 🌍 Accessibility

At Optimism, we know that we can never truly decentralise if we do not embrace the diversity of our community. As such, we take translations seriously.

# πŸ“ˆ Data & Analytics

Data is an essential ingredient to good decision making. We take our data seriously.

# πŸ’» Developers

As a developer you have a few options to get contributing! Build on us, with us, or help move the whole space forward. We are happy to have you ❀️.

# πŸ›οΈ Governance

The Optimism Collectives governance is an incredibly collective and exciting space that is growing and evolving. Plenty of opportunities to have impact! All work supported or executed by the Collective should be in pursuit of our Collective Intents (opens new window).

# 🫑 Marketing

The Optimism Vision is big! And Visions this big need to be amplified by a diverse & aligned group to help make it real.