# Optimism Docs

Hello and welcome to the Optimism Docs! We aim to be the best source of technical information about Optimism (opens new window). You'll find links to all of our documentation in the sidebar to the left 👈.

# What do you want to do?

# Play with some apps on Optimism

Get Started (opens new window) with setting up your wallet, and getting ETH on Optimism. Once you are all set up you can look at the decentralized apps on Optimism (opens new window).

# Build your own app on Optimism

If you want to build and deploy your own decentralized app on Optimism, it is almost identical to building on Ethereum! You just need to keep in mind some differences, and a known issue about gas pricing discrepancy. You will also need to look at our networks page for all the RPC endpoints and network settings you'll need.

# Learn about Retroactive Public Goods Funding

Optimism (opens new window) is experimenting with a new model for funding public goods called Retroactive Public Goods Funding (aka RetroPGF). If you're interested in learning more, check out our retroPGF resources page.

# Contributing

Interested in contributing to this website? We'd love to have you. We've always got more docs to write and more translations to do.

For example, you can:

# Can't find what you're looking for?

Did we miss something important? Tell us about it on GitHub (opens new window). We rely on user reports to figure out what documentation we should be writing. If you feel that something is missing, please do let us know and we'll do our best to get it added to this site ❤️.