Submitting Proposals

# Grant Proposals


This information is here for your convenience. The source of truth for all governance related processes is the Operating Manual (opens new window).

Projects can currently submit a Phase 1 proposal to request any amount of OP tokens from the Governance Fund. The purpose of the Governance Fund is to incentivize sustainable growth of projects and communities in the Optimism ecosystem. This does not mean that all grants must be incentive programs. The Token House is welcome to consider any and all proposals which would drive growth or address a gap in the Optimism ecosystem, including public goods projects.

However, funding should come with an expectation of growth-related deliverables. It is not the intended purpose of the governance fund to retroactively fund public goods without an expectation of future work. There is a distinct OP allocation dedicated to this, which will be distributed via the Citizens' House at a later date.

# Step 1: Write your proposal

Please adhere to the grant proposal template (opens new window).

# Step 2: Submit your proposal for feedback and get delegate approval

Post in the #gov-temp-check channel in Discord (opens new window) to get community feedback. They will help make sure you are following the template and are not missing any important information

Once you’ve incorporated the feedback received in Discord, post your proposal in the Forum (opens new window) and delegates will provide feedback. You will need to get approval from 2 delegates with >0.5% of voting power to move on to committee review in Week 2. Approved proposals will have the below phrase linked by 2 delegates in forum comments on Discourse:

”I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote."

After a proposal has received two delegate approvals, the proposal author should update the proposal title and add a link in the Voting Cycle Roundup thread as outlined in the Operating Manual (opens new window).

If you do not receive delegate approval or want more time for feedback, re-post your updated proposal in the #gov-temp-checkchannel in Discord (opens new window) to receive additional feedback from the community.

# Step 3: Committee review

In Week 2 of the voting cycle, committees will review all approved proposals listed on the Voting Cycle Roundup thread and publicly post their recommendations before voting starts. You can learn more about committee recommendations here. (opens new window)

# Step 4: Voting

If your proposal is approved, you will be contacted by The Optimism Foundation for distribution of your tokens! Please note that the expectation is that token grants will not be self-delegated to grant recipients.

# Step 5: Stay Optimistic!

If your proposal doesn’t pass, you can resubmit an updated proposal, but you’ll need to create a new proposal and link to the proposal that previously failed.

If your project has already had a proposal approved, you are still eligible to apply for further funding. However, the Foundation recommend that projects distribute their initial allocation of tokens before requesting further tokens. Projects are also encouraged to reference data from the success of their initial distribution to strengthen their case in future proposals.

# Other proposal types

There are other types of proposals (opens new window) that you can submit:

  • Protocol Upgrade
  • Inflation Adjustment
  • Director Removal

There is no minimum holding requirement for submitting a proposal but your proposal must be approved by a delegate with sufficient voting power to move to a vote (as defined in the operating manual (opens new window)).

The process for submitting these proposals is very similar to the one for grants. Where there are differences, they are noted in the table in the operating manual.