Governance Fund Overview

To discuss the Governance Fund, head to the Optimism governance forum (opens new window).

# Overview

5.4% of the total initial token supply (231,928,234 OP) will be distributed to Optimism projects and communities via the Governance Fund.
The goal of the Governance Fund is to empower the OP community to proactively incentivize future growth of projects and communities in the Optimism ecosystem. You can read more about the total allocation of OP in the Allocations section of our Governance docs.

The learn more about the purpose of the Governance Fund please read the Governance Fund Charter (opens new window).

# Phase 2

Phase 2 will distribute grants that align with Mission Requests. Please see Get a Grant (opens new window) for further details.

# Phase 1

Phase 1 distributed grants to projects in the Optimism ecosystem. You can see how Phase 1 grants have been distributed to date in the Governance Tracker (opens new window).

When a project gets a proposal approved, they are still eligible to apply for further proposals. Projects are also encouraged to reference data from the success of their initial distribution to strengthen their case in future proposals.

# Phase 0

Phase 0 was designed to reward existing projects that have driven growth of the Optimism ecosystem.

The amount of funding for each project was determined by a set of onchain metrics, calculated via a snapshot of the OP Mainnet chain on April 1, 2022 at 12:00am UTC. To see live tracking on Gov Fund allocations, please see the Public Distribution Tracker (opens new window).