Airdrop 2

# Background

Optimism’s Airdrop #1 distributed over 200m OP tokens to 250,000 early adopters and engaged users in May 2022. With the introduction of OP, the Collective set out to establish a bicameral governance system that provides the foundation for our growing digital city.

Since then, the Token House has matured as the first piece of Optimism governance. As of today (February 9th, 2023) 88k addresses have voted on over 90 proposals to distribute more than 55m OP tokens across the ecosystem, and Optimism’s first protocol upgrade is headed to vote in February. A total of 293k addresses are delegating their voting power — a positive-sum activity that helps strengthen the fabric of Optimism’s governance system. At the same time, OP Mainnet is developing into a booming economy. Over 1.5 million addresses have sent 64 million transactions since our first Airdrop, spending nearly $15 million in fees on the network. Participation in governance and in the Optimism economy is what helps our Collective grow and thrive.

Optimism’s Airdrop #2 distributes 11,742,277.10 OP to 307,965 unique addresses to reward positive-sum governance participation and power users of OP Mainnet. A snapshot of addresses was taken on 01-20-2023 0:00 UTC.

Read on for more detail about eligibility criteria and distribution.

Airdrop #2 does not need to be claimed

Airdrop #2 is distributed directly to eligible wallets. There is no need to claim tokens by interacting with any website. Do not trust any website pretending to help you claim your tokens for Airdrop #2. If an address is eligible, it will have tokens sent directly to it on February 9th, 2023 by 8pm ET.

Airdrop #2 rewards users for their involvement in Optimism governance and covers a portion of their network usage costs:

  • Governance delegation rewards based on the amount of OP delegated and the length of time it was delegated.
  • Partial gas rebates for active Optimism users who have spent over a certain amount on gas fees.
  • Multiplier bonuses determined by additional attributes related to governance and usage.

# Airdrop #2 allocations

Reward Type Criteria Number of qualifying addresses Reward allocation
Governance Delegation Reward Has had ≥ 2,000 total OP Delegated x Days(1) 57,204 0.42365 OP per OP Delegated x Day, max 5,000 OP per address(2)
Gas Usage Reward Spent ≥ the average cost of one L1 transaction ($6.10)(3) on Optimism 280,057 80% of gas fees rebated in OP, up to $500 of gas fees rebated per address(4)

(1) OP Delegated x Days = Cumulative Sum of OP Delegated per Day (i.e. 20 OP delegated for 100 days: 20 * 100 = 2,000 OP Delegated x Days).

(2) Addresses which received OP from Token House Governance are not eligible for the reward.

(3) The average cost of one L1 transaction on Ethereum was measured during the period between the airdrop #1 snapshot and airdrop #2 snapshot.

(4) Gas Fees USD conversion was made at the time of the transaction. OP rebated conversion was made using the trailing 7-day average market price at the time of the snapshot.

# Bonus Attributes

There are 4 additional attributes that addresses can earn multiplier bonuses for:

Attributes Qualifying addresses Multiplier (bonus)
0 206,033 1.00x (No Bonus)
1 53,529 1.05x (5% Bonus)
2 39,531 1.10x (10% Bonus)
3 6,320 1.50x (50% Bonus)
4 2,552 2.00x (100% Bonus)

# Attribute Description

Attribute criteria Description Qualifying addresses
Governance: Had an Active Delegation ≥ 20 OP at Snapshot Addresses that remained delegating to Optimism Governance 30,762
Governance: Had 54,367 total ‘OP Delegated x Days’(5) Addresses that had a larger Governance commitment 23,089
Usage: Had made App transactions(6) on Optimism across 6 distinct months Addresses that remained active on Optimism for a longer period of time 52,438
Usage: Spent ≥ $20 on Gas Fees Addresses that have done a larger sum of activity on Optimism 55,470

(5) 54,367 OP Delegated x Days is the equivalent of delegating the smallest reward from Airdrop #1 (271.83 OP) for 200 days (Since July 4, 2022).

(6) App transactions were counted as any transaction excluding token approvals, token transfers, and ETH wrapping/unwrappping transactions. "Distinct months" measured as trailing 30 day periods from the snapshot date.

# Analytics

The address list is available on Github (opens new window) and is shared with Dune and Flipside. Please use the #analytics channel in the Optimism Discord (opens new window) for any additional sharing requests or schema questions