Demo Day

# About Demo Day

Demo day was started by the Optimism Ambassador Program as a way for users to see all the cool dApps on Optimism! It runs every Thursday at 4pm UTC. dApps have ~15 minutes to showcase, we recommend 10 minutes to present and another 5 for questions. This can be anything from a full run through, to showing off a new feature, or promoting a special event on the dApp!

To apply to be featured in our next Demo Day, head over to the Demo-day channel (opens new window) in our Discord (it's under events).

For further visibility projects are encouraged to add their project into our developers show and tell section here on GitHub (opens new window)

# Getting a Slot

Make sure you check all these boxes before applying for demoing, or you will not get a demo spot. These spots go fast!

# Pre-demo check list

  1. Your dApp deployed & live on OP Mainnet
  2. All presenters must be in the Optimism Discord server as the event is held as an event in the Discord Server. Make sure to tag the team member(s) who are presenting in the demo day channel.
  3. Must be available 24 hours prior to Demo Day to do a quick audio/video check to ensure all your settings are correct.
  4. If you have not presented in a Discord channel before, please watch this tutorial before your AV check. This makes everything faster! Discord Basics: How To Setup Audio and Video Settings (opens new window)

# Get your slot!

✅ If you meet all the above criteria, then please apply for a slot in the Demo-day channel (opens new window)

Note: If you want to do a giveaway, lotto or prizes/rewards around your demo please make sure to let us know in advance so we can help with hype and distribution (if needed).