Transaction Debugging Tools

EVM Equivalence

As Optimism is EVM Equivalent (opens new window), most debugging tools work out of the box with Optimism.

# Tenderly

Tenderly (opens new window) lets you inspect any transaction execution on the Optimism mainnet. You can inspect the state of your verified contract in any step of the transactions execution, as well as step into or over function calls.

# Etherscan

Etherscan (opens new window) allows you to see events as well as revert messages for transactions that have been mined on Optimism (mainnet) as well as Optimism Goerli (testnet) (opens new window). You can see more information about all the L2 features Etherscan offers on our Explorers page.

# Blockscout

Blockscout (opens new window) allows you to see events on our Goerli testnet.

# Know other good tools?

Reach out to us in our Discord (opens new window) or make a PR (opens new window). We'd love your help in expanding the tools available to build Optimistically.