# Withdrawing from Optimistic Ethereum

Where is my money?

If you withdrew using the Optimism gateway and are not sure what is happening with your withdrawal, search for the transaction hash here (opens new window), the withdrawal might still be in the validity challenge period. Alternatively, you might just need to claim the withdrawal.

Centralized Exchanges

When you transfer assets to a centralized exchange you send it to an address provided by that centralized exchange. By default, this is an L1 address and the exchange does not look at this address in Optimistic Ethereum. As a result, assets transferred directly to a centralized exchange that doesn't support Optimistic Ethereum are irrevocably lost. Don't do it.

When a centralized exchange supports Optimistic Ethereum we will publish that fact.

# Which Assets?

# Ether

At writing there are two ways to withdraw ETH:

  1. Hop exchange (opens new window), which is quick and tells you the cost upfront.

  2. The Optimism Gateway (opens new window), which requires you to wait the challenge verification period (one week) and then claim the withdrawal, which costs extra gas.

# ERC-20 Tokens

# Withdrawing through the Optimism Gateway

Withdrawals through the Optimism Gateway is a multi-step process:

  1. Initiate the withdrawal on Optimistic Ethereum

  2. Wait the verification challenge period, which is seven days from the time the transaction is published on L1.

    Normally transactions are published on L1 quickly, but in the case of an outage it might take longer, in which case it will take longer until you can claim your withdrawal.

  3. Claim the withdrawal

# Initiate the withdrawal

  1. Browse to the gateway (opens new window).

  2. Click CONNECT, select your wallet type, and approve the connection in the wallet itself if asked.

  3. Make sure the form is correct:

    • Withdraw is selected

      Withdrawal form

      Withdrawal form
    • The asset is the one you with to withdraw.

      Withdrawal form
    • Set an amount that is available in your account. Click MAX if you want to withdraw your entire balance.

      Withdrawal form
  4. Click WITHDRAW.

  5. Click WITHDRAW again to confirm.

  6. Confirm the transaction in the wallet.

# While waiting

There are several ways to see if your withdrawal is ready to be claimed:

Withdrawal date on the gateway

Click a specific withdrawal to see exactly when it will become available.

Withdrawal date on the gateway
Withdrawal date on Etherscan

The verification challenge period starts when that transaction is confirmed:

Withdrawal date on Etherscan

# Claim the withdrawal

  1. Once the challenge period is over, the status in the gateway changes to Ready to claim!. Click the transaction.

  2. Click CLAIM WITHDRAWAL, wait for the transaction to be created, and approve it in your wallet.