# Getting Started with Optimistic Ethereum

# Why use Optimistic Ethereum?

The Optimistic Ethereum network lets you send transactions, similar to Ethereum, but with two important advantages:

# Depositing assets

Before you can use assets (Ether, ERC-20 tokens, etc) on Optimistic Ethereum you need to deposit them from Mainnet Ethereum using a bridge (opens new window). For depositing ETH, you can use our own gateway (opens new window).

  1. If you do not have any ETH, purchase some through a centralized exchange, such as Coinbase (opens new window), Gemini (opens new window), or Binance (opens new window).

  2. Set up a wallet, for example Metamask (opens new window), and withdraw the ETH from the centralized exchange to your wallet.

  3. Browse to the gateway (opens new window).

  4. Click CONNECT, select your wallet type, and approve the connection in the wallet itself if asked.

  5. Make sure the form is correct:

    • Deposit is selected

      Deposit form
    • From MAINNET

      Deposit form
    • The asset is ETH.

      Deposit form
    • The amount is possible. Click MAX to see the maximum amount you can deposit (after accounting for transaction costs), and if relevant enter a lower amount.

      Deposit form
  6. Click DEPOSIT.

  7. Click DEPOSIT again to confirm.

  8. Confirm the transaction in the wallet, wait until the transaction is confirmed and the ETH deposited to Optimistic Ethereum.

  9. Browse here (opens new window) and click connect to add the Optimistic Ethereum network to your wallet. You will need to approve this addition in your wallet. The network notification in MetaMask is shown below, other wallets are likely to be similar

    MetaMask add network notification

# Applications

Optimistic Ethereum supports a large and growing list of applications (opens new window). To tell your wallet to change to Optimistic Ethereum click Withdraw in the gateway and confirm the network switch in the wallet.

# Uniswap

Uniswap lets you swap between assets. It is currently the most commonly used Open Ethereum application, so here are step by step directions to let you see that applications are used the same way they are on mainnet.

  1. Browse to the Uniswap application (opens new window).

  2. Click Connect to a wallet and confirm in the wallet. If necessary, switch the network in the wallet to Optimism.

  3. Select:

    A. The token you give

    Swap form

    B. The token you get back

    Swap form

    C. Type an amount (of either token)

    Swap form
  4. Click Swap.

  5. Click Confirm Swap.

  6. Confirm the transaction in the wallet.

  7. After the transaction is executed, browse to Etherscan for Optimistic Ethereum (opens new window) and enter your address. Confirm you now have the correct amount of the new token.

    Etherscan with result

# Withdrawing assets

The Optimism gateway takes seven days to withdraw back to mainnet, because it needs to support verification challenges. So if the asset type is supported on the other bridges (either Hop (opens new window) or cBridge (opens new window)) it is faster, and often cheaper, to use them. In this tutorial we use Hop.

  1. Browse to Hop.Exchange (opens new window).

  2. Select:

    A. Asset type

    Deposit form

    B. Source network (if you are withdrawing, this is Optimism)

    Deposit form

    C. Amount to withdraw (or MAX)

    Deposit form

    D. Destination network

    Deposit form
  3. Scroll down to accept the transaction fee and click Approve.

  4. Clear Approve all to limit Hop's spending allowance to the amount you with to withdraw and then click Approve again to confirm.

  5. Confirm the transaction in the wallet.

  6. Click Send, allow the network switch in the wallet, click Send again, and approve the transaction in the wallet.

  7. After a few minutes you'll get the asset back in L1 (minus transfer charges).