# Depositing into Optimistic Ethereum

# Which Assets?

# Ether

Optimistic Ethereum transactions require ETH, just as do L1 Ethereum transactions (except a lot less of it). Here are some ways to get your Ether to Optimistic Ethereum.

# ERC-20 Tokens

# Depositing through the Optimism Gateway

  1. Browse to the gateway (opens new window).

  2. Click CONNECT, select your wallet type, and approve the connection in the wallet itself if asked.

  3. Make sure the form is correct:

    • Deposit is selected

      Deposit form
    • From MAINNET

      Deposit form

    • The asset is the one you wish to deposit.

      Deposit form
    • Set an amount that is available in your account. Click MAX if you want to deposit your entire balance.

      Deposit form
  4. Click DEPOSIT.

  5. Click DEPOSIT again to confirm.

  6. Confirm the transaction in the wallet, wait until the transaction is confirmed and the ETH deposited to Optimistic Ethereum.

  7. Browse here (opens new window) and click connect to add the Optimistic Ethereum network to your wallet. You will need to approve this addition in your wallet. The network notification in MetaMask is shown below, other wallets are likely to be similar

    MetaMask add network notification