# Status Page

Check out the Optimism status page (opens new window). This page includes public APIs, the gateway, deposits, withdraws and transaction sequencing for both Optimism mainnet and Optimism Goerli.

# Public Grafana Dashboard

Optimism (opens new window) maintains a public Grafana dashboard (opens new window) that tracks gas prices, transaction volume, and network uptime in one place. You can view information about both the Optimism mainnet and the Optimism Goerli testnet on this dashboard.

# Block explorers

You can find a full list of Optimism Block Explorers here (opens new window).

# Etherscan

Etherscan provides a lot of detailed information about what's happening on Optimism. Check out the Optimism mainnet explorer (opens new window) as well as the Optimism Goerli explorer (opens new window) to get a look for yourself.

# Blockscout

Another block explorer for the Georli test network is Blockscout (opens new window).

# Dashboards on Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics (opens new window) allows anyone to create dashboards that present information about Optimism Mainnet. You can find a full list of community created dashboards for Optimism here (opens new window), or create your own (opens new window) dashboard.

Here are some of our favorite dashboards so far: