Network Faucets

# Testnet Faucets

# Optimism Faucet

Optimism Faucet (opens new window) is a simple faucet for Optimism Goerli that drips ETH and OP. Authenticate with github, enter your wallet address and you'll automatically be sent 0.2 ETH and 100 OP (if available) on the Optimism Goerli testnet.

You need to be following at least five people or organizations on github to be considered a real account. If you don't, follow more, log out of the faucet, and log back in.

Note that you're also able to use it for Optimism Kovan for now.

# Paradigm MultiFaucet

Paradigm's MultiFaucet (opens new window) is an easy way to get ETH on many different testnets at the same time. One of those networks is Optimism Goerli.

# Goerli Faucets

These are faucets you can use to get test ETH on Goerli. Once you have that Goerli, use the Optimism Bridge (opens new window) to get it on Optimism Goerli.

# Goerli Faucet

You can get Goerli ETH here (opens new window).

# Kovan specific faucets

These faucets are for the deprecated Kovan test network.

# Perpetual Protocol Testnet Faucet

Optifaucet (opens new window) gives you a small amount of ETH, and 10,000 USDC. They do this because you need USDC to use their application (opens new window).

# Mainnet Faucets

If you need to get ETH on mainnet for a contract deployment, you should bridge ETH onto L2 (opens new window). This process is relatively cheap and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

You can also get some ETH for expenses by bridging enough USDC (opens new window) courtesy of Perpetual Protocol (opens new window).