Network Faucets

In order to deploy a smart contract to a test network like OP Sepolia you will need some testnet Ether (ETH).

You can get testnet ETH to pay for testnet transactions from a faucet. Faucets are developer tools to get free testnet ETH in order to test and troubleshoot your decentralized application or protocol before going live on mainnet.

Testnet Tokens

Tokens on testnet networks like OP Sepolia have no value as they are only used for testing purposes.

# Superchain Faucet

Superchain Faucet (opens new window) is a developer tool hosted by OP Labs that allows developers to get free testnet ETH to test apps on testnet OP Chains like Base Sepolia, OP Sepolia, PGN Sepolia, Zora Sepolia, and other OP Chains in the Superchain.

# Additional Faucets

A list of additional faucets is below:

Paradigm's MultiFaucet (opens new window) Paradigm offers an easy way to get ETH on many different testnets at the same time. OP Goerli
Coinbase Faucet (opens new window) Get test ETH on OP Goerli directly from the Coinbase Wallet extension or Coinbase Faucet. OP Goerli
QuickNode Faucet (opens new window) Another easy way to acquire some testnet ETH for OP Goerli and OP Sepolia. OP Goerli, OP Sepolia

# Bridge from Ethereum Testnet

Need another option? Alternatively, you can get testnet ETH from an Ethereum Sepolia faucet (opens new window) and bridge the testnet ETH to/from OP Chain testnets using the L1StandardBridge.

Once you have the testnet ETH on Ethereum Sepolia you can use Superchain Testnet Tools (opens new window) if you need to bridge to multiple OP Chain testnets at once.

# Next Steps