Block Explorers

# Blockscout

We have a Blockscout explorer for the Goerli testnet (opens new window). It includes:

# Etherscan

We have Etherscan explorers for the Optimism mainnet (opens new window) and the Optimism Goerli testnet (opens new window). Etherscan has lots of tools to help you debug transactions.

Optimistic Etherscan has all the tools you expect from Etherscan, such as:

It's also got some Optimism-specific features:

# Access to pre-regenesis history

Because of our final regenesis on 11 November 2021, older transactions are not part of the current blockchain. As such, they do not appear, for example, on Etherscan (opens new window). However, you can access transaction history between 23 June 2021 and the final regenesis using the Etherscan CSV exporting tool.

# Etherscan access

Browse here (opens new window) and select your address and the type of report you want.

export data

# Dune access

Click here (opens new window).

# Pre 23 June 2021 history

Follow these steps:

  1. Clone go-ethereum (the standard version) and checkout version v1.9.10:

    git clone
    cd go-ethereum
    git checkout v1.9.10
  2. Download the following three datadir folders:

  3. Build and run the standard geth v1.9.10 with:

    ./build/bin/geth --datadir ./path/to/datadir --rpc

    You can then use ERC20 events filters to get the events that you want for each address. Note that you will have to repeat this process for each datadir to get the full event history. If you are non-technical and need help requesting this data please reach out to us in Discord and we will be happy to help.