# Developer Tooling

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# @eth-optimism/hardhat-ovm(opens new window)

A Node.js package that contains various useful plugins for developing contracts to be deployed on Optimistic Ethereum. Particularly useful for its support of the custom OVM Solidity compiler.

# @eth-optimism/contracts(opens new window)

The various smart contracts that make up the L1 component of Optimistic Ethereum. Useful if you're interested in understanding how an Optimistic Rollup works!

# @eth-optimism/smock(opens new window)

Smock is a hardhat plugin that allows you to mock the functionality of any smart contract with just a little bit of JavaScript. Smock's README on GitHub(opens new window) has thorough documentation. You can even find a community example of using Smock(opens new window) written by Markus Waas(opens new window) .

# optimism(opens new window)

A single GitHub repository intended to provide the ability to run a local Optimistic Ethereum environment including both L1 & L2 chains. This can be used to rapidly iterate over the many Optimism repositories and run integration tests. Optimism uses this pretty heavily during development.