# Talks & Videos

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# Optimism πŸ›  Overview & Code Walkthrough(opens new window)

  • Date: Apr. 2021
  • By: Ben Jones and Kelvin Fichter

# Optimism: Keeping Ethereum Half-Full(opens new window)

  • Date: Oct. 2020
  • By: Kelvin Fichter

# ETH2 Data Availability and Rollups(opens new window)

  • Date: Oct. 2020
  • By: Ben Jones

# The Optimistic Rollup(opens new window)

  • Date: Aug. 2020
  • By: Karl Floersch

# The Rise of Optimistic Rollups(opens new window)

  • Date: Apr. 2020
  • By: Kevin Ho

# From Scalable to Sustainable(opens new window)

  • Date: Feb. 2020
  • By: Karl Floersch