# Protocol Readings

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OVM 1.0 Page

This page refers to the current state of the Optimistic Ethereum network. Some of the information may be relevant to OVM 2.0, which will be deployed in October, but some of it may change.

# OVM Deep Dive (opens new window)

  • Date: May 5, 2020
  • By: Optimism PBC

A thorough Medium post from Optimism's blog that provides that explains what the Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM) is and the problem it solves.

# How does Optimism's Rollup really work? (opens new window)

A thorough post by Paradigm's research division that takes a deep dive into the protocol implementation of Optimism's ORUs. Covers OVM topics like: data availability batches, state commitments, challenges, incentives & bonds, and nuisance gas.

# MEV Auction: Auctioning transaction ordering rights as a solution to Miner Extractable Value (opens new window)

  • Date: Aug 16, 2020
  • By: Karl Floersch

A thorough discussion on miner extractable value auctions (MEVA) by Karl Floersch.