# Networks and Connection Details

OVM 1.0 Page

This page refers to the current state of the Optimistic Ethereum network. Some of the information may be relevant to OVM 2.0, which will be deployed in October, but some of it may change.

# Optimistic Kovan


This is our test network. You're welcome to deploy whatever contracts to wish to test here.

Parameter Value
Network Name Optimistic Kovan
Description Testnet (public)
Currency Ether (ETH)
Chain ID 69
Explorer https://kovan-optimistic.etherscan.io
HTTP Endpoint https://kovan.optimism.io
WebSocket Endpoint wss://ws-kovan.optimism.io
L1 Contract Addresses link (opens new window)
L2 Contract Addresses link (opens new window)

# Optimistic Ethereum

Restricted Access

This is our production network, our equivalent of mainnet. We currently have a whitelist system in place that limits who can deploy contracts to this network for reasons of performance, availability, and security. Eventually we will open it up to anybody who wants to deploy, but we need to do more development and testing before we get there. 99.9% secure is not good enough.

When you are ready to deploy to production please fill up this form (opens new window) and we'll get back to you.

Parameter Value
Network Name Optimistic Ethereum
Description Mainnet (restricted)
Currency Ether (ETH)
Chain ID 10
Explorer https://optimistic.etherscan.io
HTTP Endpoint https://mainnet.optimism.io
WebSocket Endpoint wss://ws-mainnet.optimism.io
L1 Contract Addresses link (opens new window)
L2 Contract Addresses link (opens new window)

# Third Party Applications

Click here to see the addresses for other applications running in Optimistic Ethereum.