The OP Mainnet upgrade to the Bedrock release will take place on June 6, 2023 at 16:00 UTC! There will be 2-4 hours of downtime.
See here for additional details. (opens new window)

Testing on Optimistic Test Networks

You can find the chainid and supporting information for Optimism Goerli, our test network, using these endpoints. To obtain ETH and tokens (both ERC-20 and NFT) from faucets, see here.

This page shows some additional testing utilities that you might find useful.

# ERC-20 tokens

We have several ERC-20 testing token contracts. This token is an implementation of ERC-20, with the addition of faucet, a function that mints for the caller 1000 tokens to facilitate testing.

Additionally, all Optimism networks have WETH at address 0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000006 (opens new window).

# Goerli ERC-20 testing contracts

Address Symbol Decimals
0x32307adfFE088e383AFAa721b06436aDaBA47DBE (opens new window) OUT-1 18
0xb378ed8647d67b5db6fd41817fd7a0949627d87a (opens new window) OUT-2 18
0x4e6597062c7dc988fbcfe77293d833bad770c19b (opens new window) OUT-3 18

# The bridge

The OUTb token is supported by the bridge on Goerli. See this tutorial (opens new window) to see how to use it.

# ERC-721 tokens

We have an ERC-721 token on Optimism Goerli at address 0x38abA480f2bA7A17bC01EE5E1AD64fCedd93EfE7 (opens new window). It is the OpenZeppelin ERC-721 token contract with the addition of faucet. Just call the faucet function to get as many NFT tokens as you need.