Testing on Optimistic Test Networks

You can find the chainid and supporting information for OP Goerli, our test network, using these endpoints. To obtain ETH and tokens (both ERC-20 and NFT) from faucets, see here.

This page shows some additional testing utilities that you might find useful.

# ERC-20 tokens

We have several ERC-20 testing token contracts. This token is an implementation of ERC-20, with the addition of faucet, a function that mints for the caller 1000 tokens to facilitate testing.

Additionally, both OP Mainnet and OP Goerli have WETH at address 0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000006 (opens new window).

# Goerli ERC-20 testing contracts

Address Symbol Decimals
0x32307adfFE088e383AFAa721b06436aDaBA47DBE (opens new window) OUT-1 18
0xb378ed8647d67b5db6fd41817fd7a0949627d87a (opens new window) OUT-2 18
0x4e6597062c7dc988fbcfe77293d833bad770c19b (opens new window) OUT-3 18

# The bridge

The OUTb token is supported by the bridge on Goerli. See this tutorial (opens new window) to see how to use it.

# ERC-721 tokens

We have an ERC-721 token on OP Goerli at address 0x38abA480f2bA7A17bC01EE5E1AD64fCedd93EfE7 (opens new window). It is the OpenZeppelin ERC-721 token contract with the addition of faucet. Just call the faucet function to get as many NFT tokens as you need.