Testing on Optimistic Kovan

You can connect to Optimistic Kovan, our test network, using these endpoints. To obtain ETH and tokens (both ERC-20 and NFT), see here.

This page shows some additional testing utilities that you might find useful.

# Tokens

We have several ERC-20 testing token contracts:

Address Symbol Decimals
0xC905388A3F73d796494b4D8D164844e166B0bA48 (opens new window) OUT-1 0
0xA058b82EAB4966B1D9A10Fe0aC224FC34a69751F (opens new window) OUT-2 0
0xA6dB0d5e8069f4027055Dbe165956218B64BA5C0 (opens new window) OUT-3 0
0x5F6572727a825D1B8e1DFa9810d52101ed6d522a (opens new window) OUT-4 0
0x5a1081FcaF5886845D5FE49fe0DE583EA15C4df3 (opens new window) OUT-5 0
0x010445A1bec4BD8e35e8c08Fbf46c05B4CD00100 (opens new window) Out-x.3 3

This token is an implementation of ERC-20, with the addition of faucet, a function that mints for the caller 1000 tokens to facilitate testing.

# The bridge

You can bridge between this token on Kovan (opens new window) and this token on Optimistic Kovan (opens new window). They both have three decimal points. While faucet only gives you a single token, you can move token fractions.

# Uniswap pools

We have four pools between the tokens above:

Token 1 Token 2 Contract
OUT-1 OUT-2 0x96395abcd24badf7745bfe0f37c398b5a6072ed5 (opens new window)
OUT-2 OUT-3 0x19c83d25a9ca57bc6e4121f6394c82c72bb5a474 (opens new window)
OUT-3 OUT-4 0x8d43f75527072b22047433a65065dd948d289ada (opens new window)
OUT-4 OUT-5 0xda11e21eca45840b253d02b7868f82f458740dd3 (opens new window)