The OP Mainnet upgrade to the Bedrock release will take place on June 6, 2023 at 16:00 UTC! There will be 2-4 hours of downtime.
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Creating an Optimistic NFT

An NFT ecosystem consists of creators (supply), marketplaces, and buyers/traders (demand) built on top of infrastructures that enable algorithmic generation of art, deployment of smart contracts and access to NFT market intelligence.

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# The Optimism NFT ecosystem

The Optimism NFT ecosystem

These tools are available on Optimism:

# Creator tools

Feature comparison

This comparison may be out of date

It is accurate, as far as we know, when written (early January 2023), but new features are implemented all the time.

NiftyKit NFT-Inator Mintplex Zero Code NFT ThirdWeb
Multi-chain 3 5 6 11 7 (Flow coming soon)
ERC-20 support
ERC-721A support
ERC-1155 support
DAO support
No Code deployment
Pricing / Fee Flat membership fee plus 2.5%-10% of the sales (opens new window) 2% commission on primary sales Paywall for premium features Test for free, $499 for OpenSea setup Currently zero
Image Hosting NFT storage (opens new window) / Pinata (opens new window) NFT storage (opens new window) / Pinata (opens new window) Up to creators. Recommend Pinata (opens new window) IPFS (opens new window) IPFS (opens new window). Arweave (opens new window) and Filecoin (opens new window) coming soon

# Marketplaces

# Transaction aggregator

# Liquidity

# NFT data APIs