# Tooling for Truffle

OVM 1.0 Page

This page refers to the current state of the Optimistic Ethereum network. Some of the information may be relevant to OVM 2.0, which will be deployed in October, but some of it may change.


There is an open issue (opens new window) that could cause a problem when following these directions.


This page is about adding Optimistic Ethereum to an existing Truffle project. If you want to start from the Truffle Optimism Box, see the tutorial (opens new window).

# Installation

Install the following packages via yarn or npm:

yarn add @truffle/hdwallet-provider
yarn add @eth-optimism/core-utils @eth-optimism/plugins @eth-optimism/solc

# Configuration

Create a new configuration file called truffle-config-ovm.js:

// truffle-config-ovm.js
const HDWalletProvider = require('@truffle/hdwallet-provider')

module.exports = {
  networks: {
    optimistic: {
      network_id: 420,
      gas: 15000000,
      provider: function() {
        return new HDWalletProvider({
          mnemonic: {
            phrase: 'test test test test test test test test test test test junk'
          providerOrUrl: "",
          addressIndex: 0,
          numberOfAddresses: 1,
          chainId: 420
  compilers: {
    solc: {
      version: "node_modules/@eth-optimism/solc",

# Usage

Simply add --network optimistic --config truffle-config-ovm.js whenever you want to test, deploy, or compile an Optimistic Ethereum app. For instance:

truffle test --network optimism --config truffle-config-ovm.js