Public Testnets

# Goerli

The Optimism Goerli testnet was migrated to Bedrock on January 12, 2023.

Upgrade Required

Optimism Goerli is upgrading to the Regolith hardfork (opens new window) on March 17, 2023. Please make sure to upgrade your nodes to at least the op-node and op-geth versions below prior to that date.

Note that we have migrated the op-geth images away from Docker Hub and onto GCP. Use the repository going forward.

Chain Parameters
L1 Chain Goerli
L1 Chain ID 5
L2 Chain ID 420
Rollup Config This network does not require a rollup config. Specify --network=goerli on the command line when official images are released.
Bedrock Data Directory
Legacy Geth Data Directory
Block Explorer
Public RPC Endpoint
Sequencer Endpoint
Withdrawal Period 2 Seconds
Software Images
Legacy Geth ethereumoptimism/l2geth:0.5.29
Contract Addresses
SystemConfigProxy 0xAe851f927Ee40dE99aaBb7461C00f9622ab91d60
L2OutputOracleProxy 0xE6Dfba0953616Bacab0c9A8ecb3a9BBa77FC15c0
OptimismPortalProxy 0x5b47E1A08Ea6d985D6649300584e6722Ec4B1383
OptimismMintableERC20FactoryProxy 0x883dcF8B05364083D849D8bD226bC8Cb4c42F9C5
SystemDictatorProxy 0x1f0613A44c9a8ECE7B3A2e0CdBdF0F5B47A50971
Lib_AddressManager 0xa6f73589243a6A7a9023b1Fa0651b1d89c177111
Proxy__OVM_L1CrossDomainMessenger 0x5086d1eEF304eb5284A0f6720f79403b4e9bE294
Proxy__OVM_L1StandardBridge 0x636Af16bf2f682dD3109e60102b8E1A089FedAa8