The TechNERDs program is designed to improve the technical support available to developers in the Optimism Ecosystem.

This program went through governance for funding. You can see more about the program in the Governance Mission Proposal for TechNERDs (opens new window).

To participate, complete the TechNERD training (as outlined below) and join the wannabe-TechNERD channel in the Optimism Discord. Start helping other developers today!

There are also a bunch of developer focused channels in the Optimism Discord (opens new window) if you want to see what its all about.

# TechNERD Training Curriculum

This curriculum was designed for developers with a deep technical background, as such skips over a lot of the "basics". A more beginner friendly version of this course may be released later if there is demand for one.

You can also see the Slides for the TechNERD (opens new window) training here.

Lesson Topic Exercise Link
1 Getting an RPC Endpoint Get an RPC endpoint. You will need this for all following exercises. Provider Options
2 Run an OP Goerli Node Most developer questions we get are about running a node. Pay special attention to any issues you face or confusion you have. This can take up to 2 weeks (depending on your internet speed) to sync. Run a Node (opens new window)
3 Setting up an OP Stack The OP Stack is an incredible step towards the Superchain vision. As such you should be familiar with the standard OP Stack. Getting Started with the OP Stack (opens new window)
4 Setting up an explorer for your OP Stack Make your OP Stack feel more real with its own block explorer! Blockscout explorer guide (opens new window)
5 Deploy & bridge a standard ERC20 As an L2, bridging is a pretty important concept. Make sure you are comfortable with the bridging process. Standard Bridge, Standard Token (opens new window)
5.1 Bonus Standard Bridge, Custom Token This bonus exercise will give you insight into how the bridge works, and the limitations of it. Standard Bridge, Custom Token (opens new window)
6 Tracing Transactions Now that you have done some cross chain transactions with your token bridging, you can use the SDK to trace that transaction. Tracing transactions is a powerful tool when helping other developers. Familiarise yourself with the SDK to get the most out of this exercise! Transaction Tracing with the Optimism SDK (opens new window)
7 Forced Withdrawal (OP Stack) Once your OP Stack is set up and running, you can force a withdrawal. While you will most likely never have to do this, its an important concept to understand. Forced Withdrawal (opens new window)
8 Verify nodes are running & synced Verify that you have set up and synced your node correctly. Verify your node (opens new window)