Ambassador Requirements


💡 Ready to join the Ambassador program and seize the memes of production with us? Well you’re in the right place! Below are the requirements and processes involved in becoming an Ambassador.

⚠️ This document is a work in progress, and will evolve. Check back occasionally.

First off, let's check you are doing this for the right reasons. Check your assumptions at the door, please:

❌  Being an Ambassador will NOT give you eternal fame and glory.

✅  Ambassadors will help onboard millions of users into the Optimism ecosystem through education.

✅  Being an Ambassador will up your skill level as a contributor, and in doing so, you will help others in the program up theirs through collaboration in an Optimistic environment.

# Becoming an Ambassador

🚀 Optimism Ambassadors are highly values aligned with Optimism and are of course highly Optimistic!

The journey to become an Ambassador follow the following steps:

🦾 wannabe-ambassadorambassador-in-trainingambassador

# Pre-flight checklist

  • Optimism Ambassadors love to collaborate and help others grow in the Ambassador program.
  • Optimism Ambassadors create values-focused content which form the narrative of the entire ecosystem.
  • Optimism Ambassadors value sustainability initiatives like retroactive public goods funding (opens new window).

# Step 1: wannabe-ambassador


  1. To show your interest, get the wannabe-ambassador role in the #become-an-ambassador (opens new window) Discord channel.
    1. Get Up To Speed:
    2. Stay Active - Activity on Reddit in the r/optimismCollective (opens new window) will be a determining factor for the ambassador-in-training role
      • We use Reddit so you can cross post your content from other platforms here
      • Answer questions, upvote, downvote, use tags, and comment
      • Spamming and low quality activity will be obvious to your peers who will be voting on advancing you through the program

# Step 2: ambassador-in-training


# To Obtain ambassador-in-training status:

  • Fill out Ambassador intake form (opens new window)
  • Minimum of 8 weeks spent as as an active wannabe-ambassador then..
    • IMPORTANT: This is 8 weeks from the date this document goes live (3/22/2023)
  • *Ambassadors vote on your new role by reviewing your contributions:
    1. #1 Reddit: Provide a link to your Reddit profile for review
      1. Posts, comments, overall contribution quality
    2. #2 Content Submission: Create an original piece of content explaining what Retroactive Public Goods Funding (opens new window) is and how it fits into Optimism’s Vision (opens new window).
      1. Example Content Title: What is Retroactive Public Goods Funding?
      2. Example Outline:
        1. Set the stage by explaining the Optimism Collective (opens new window) and its north star: impact=profit
        2. Explain the importance of public goods within a digital society
          1. Public goods act as a fuel for the growth of the Collective economy. Growth yields profit for the Collective and profit which funds more investment in public goods, altogether producing a virtuous cycle of impact-driven expansion.
        3. Then get into how Optimism approaches funding these very important public goods (Retro-PGF)
  • Voting will take place in Discord Channel drop a message in Discord with the following:
    • Reddit profile link
    • Content Submission
    • How long you have been a wannabe-ambassador

# Step 3: Ambassador


  1. Minimum of 12 weeks spent as an active ambassador-in-training
  2. Ambassadors vote on your new role by reviewing your contributions:
    1. Reddit: Provide a link to your Reddit profile for review
      1. What is being looked at? Posts, comments, overall contribution quality
    2. Collaborative Content Submission: Create an original piece of content with another wannabe-ambassador, ambassador-in-training or ambassador This can also be a group (3+ creators)
      1. Example: A YouTube video where one does the voice-over explanation while the other does the visuals. If it is a group maybe the third person creates a YouTube short to capture users attention which then links to the longer form video to find out more
      2. This collaborative piece of original content can be chosen from the list below. Creators must understand the subject matter cannot use previous content they have created
        1. Any recent Optimism announcement or release (2 months back)
        2. Retroactive Public Goods Funding (opens new window)
        3. Explain the Optimism Vision: (opens new window)
        4. Explain the purpose of the The Optimist NFT and or the AttestationStation (hint they are deeply tied together) (opens new window)
        5. What is the Optimism Collective? (opens new window)
  3. Voting will take place in Discord Channel. Drop a message in Discord with the following:
    • Reddit profile link
    • Content Submission
    • How long you have been an ambassador-in-training

# Content Submission Guidelines:

  • NO PRICE DISCUSSION, EVER!! This includes speculating about price, moon references, etc. This applies for all projects and not just the OP token. Focus on impact, not profit.
  • Content can be written, audio, video, or a mix and may be on any platform. If you are an artist, then create a visual artefact to demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter.
  • Content thoroughly explains the subject and makes a deeper connection to Optimism’s values and or has connected it to Optimism’s larger vision.
  • Content is accurate
  • Content can be as long or as short as you would like, provided you demonstrate an understanding of the subject matter and put some effort in!
  • Hint: Every single prompt is connected in one or many ways to every other prompt. When you start to make those connections, you begin to realize just how grand of a vision Optimism has and why Optimism’s Ambassadors are the best of the best.


To submit non-English content there must be 2 translators available in that language to review submission.

# Things that will make you lose your Ambassador status

Inactivity of > 4 weeks → To stay in the program you must stay engaged and active. We will attempt to make contact with you before we remove your role to gauge your continued interest in the program. 3 warnings → As outlined in the warnings below. Any severe violations → Any violations outlined in the Insta-ban section below. Violations of this nature will also

# Warnings


🚧 3 warnings and you will lose your ambassador role, and will not be able to reapply to the program for 3 months.

  2. Personal attacks → We are all trying our best🙂.. Attack the idea, not the person. If you attack someone personally, you will get a warning.
  3. Creating low-quality/low-effort content → The optimistic side of life takes work. If you make low-quality content (think copy-paste any logo and the meme still works), you will get a warning.
  4. Copying others’ content and passing it off as your own → People work hard to create good content. If you steal their hard work in an attempt to further yourself - you will get warned. Note that you can still share others content! Just don’t pretend you made it.

# Insta-ban


⚠️ Being an Optimism Ambassador is a privilege. If you abuse the power and reputation that comes with being in such an elite group you will lose the privilege.

  1. Scamming your follower base → Example: pump and dump schemes, whether Optimism related or not. Your followers are not exit liquidity.
  2. Impersonating a creator or team member → If you try to pretend to be someone else (not just posting their content, but stealing their profile photo, etc) you will get removed.
  3. Ambassadors are told sensitive information. If you leak... 💀 Occasionally, Ambassadors get to hear news and updates before it is public. If you leak private information given to Ambassadors, you will lose the Ambassador role and be barred from ever becoming an Ambassador again.
  4. DOXing another community member or other serious violations (opens new window) Publishing identifying information of another community member without their permission