# Welcome to Optimistic Ethereum.

Work in Progress™

Our documentation is a rapidly improving work in progress. If you have questions or feel like something is missing feel free to ask in our Discord server(opens new window) where we (and our awesome community) are actively responding, or open an issue(opens new window) in the GitHub repo for this site.

We know documentation can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, especially when the subject matter is unfamiliar. Let's make sure you know where to go next!

# For: Casually Interested Readers

Are you here because you're interested in Optimistic Ethereum at a high-level?

We're working on a TL;DR page just for you.

In the meantime, you might find what you're looking for in our collection of talks and videos.

Want some suggestions? If you're in the mood for something in-depth but lighthearted, take a look at Optimistic Ethereum: Keeping Ethereum Half Full(opens new window) . If you want something with a little more code in it, you may be interested in this Code Walkthrough(opens new window) that we did live for the 2021 Scaling Ethereum hackathon(opens new window) .

# For: Developers

Are you a developer who wants to deploy a smart contract to Optimistic Ethereum?

Take a look at our guide to Building Stuff on Optimistic Ethereum.

It walks you through the complete process of deploying an application to Optimistic Ethereum. It's a lot like deploying to Ethereum, we promise. We're working hard to make sure any changes to your software stack are relatively minimal.

If you're trying to deploy to mainnet, you might be able to use our forthcoming ERC20 token factory contract (which should be deployed by the end of July 🤞). Otherwise, you can fill out this form(opens new window) and we'll consider whitelisting your deployer address.

If you're looking for something a else, you may wish to search through our more complete list of Guides and Resources and our catalog of useful developer tooling.

Itching to get started?

Try this tutorial(opens new window) that highlights the experience of building on top of Optimistic Ethereum.

# For: Protocol Nerds

Looking to understand Optimistic Ethereum in depth?

Head over to our Protocol in Detail page.

You won't find a more detailed description of the system anywhere else. This is probably most useful if you want to learn how Optimistic Ethereum works under the hood.

You definitely don't need to go through this material in order to build applications on top of the system. However, it's quite fascinating stuff and we won't stop you from reading it 😊.